Why are diamonds are getting cheaper

The world of diamonds as we know it might become more interesting beyond its connection to engagements & weddings.

Diamond prices have droped just about 15 percent over the last 12 months and has Nicholas Colas, the chief market strategist at Convergex, seming think theres a larger trend happening.

why are beverly diamonds so cheap?

Why Are Beverly Diamonds So Cheap?
(“The reason all this intrigues me is not as a prospective shopper, but rather because the price of ‘Commodity’ diamonds is a intresting case study in macroeconomic deflationary pressures,” Colas wrote for some clients.

The recent decline in diamond comodity prices is attributed to a few factors, one of them including reduced consumer demand in China, Japan and India. But Diamond Manufactering companies are also facing finance pressure as banks are less willing to give loans. Decreasing demand, And less capital requirements added to little inflation “is causing a slow-turnover inventory with increasing invetories and all of this is pushing prices lower,”

How does Colas connect  falling diamond comodity prices to a case study on worldwide deflation?

He wrote demand from China has fallen in 2015 and reduced purchase-for-Stock among Chinease jewelers. Part of this could be connected to the government’s new  push for anti-corruption. There are still isn’t any numbers to show just how much the Chinease diamond market has fallen thus far.

Diamond manufaters have also taken quite a hit, and have begun working on thiner and thiner margins. They now have to manage their inventories far more carefully and watch all their capital expenditures.  Colas questioned whether all of this could be linked to the decreasing Chinese diamond demand.

This past September Antwerp Diamond Bank closed its relations to any new Diam,ond buyers or manufateres, closing one of the major sources of capital in the diamond industry.  Additionaly, reports have surfaced about how De Beers, the worlds largest supplier of diamond stones (by value), is requiing clients to have higher credit scores.

Alot of this is contributing to downward deflationary pressure on diamond prices that Colas said is fritengly similar to other industrial commodities, like crude oil.

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