The Importance of Diamond Rings in Marriage

Diamond rings are considered as an inevitable part of engagements and marriages in the present day. It is difficult to imagine an engagement or wedding ceremony that happens without a diamond ring. Although gradual changes are happening in the trends today, this continues to remain as an unspoken rule in the marriages. One who looks […]

Tips to Find the Best Diamond

There are varieties of diamonds available in the diamond market today. They are available in different designs, styles, and cuts from which you can choose the one of your interest. The choices and interests of different people will be different. However, there are certain important things which you must know about diamonds, which can help […]

The Truth About Reviews

The Truth About Reviews Everyone likes to check reviews about products or service before becoming a guinea pig to a company. Most companies also have a big enough profile for you to check their ratings and reviews online. For regular business like clothing, food, or cleaning a review can help with a buyer or customers […]

Preparing for Honeymoon

All the hard, extraneous, and stressful days for preparing the wedding are in the past. Now that the wedding day came and went, you can finally breathe and do something for yourself alone. You and your newly married spouse are heading for a vacation or preparing for honeymoon and not sure what you should do? […]

Selecting the Right Diamond

Diamonds are the most mesmerizing gemstones. No words can adequately describe their beauty. It is simple fascinating how brilliantly it lights the imagination of an onlooker, and immediately captures their attention. For thousands of years, even in its most crude and unpolished state, diamonds have always been cherished by civilizations across the globe. In some […]

Fancy Color Diamonds

Fancy Color Diamonds In the diamond industry, there is something called fancy color diamonds. These diamonds are naturally colored and 100% natural from the ground. Contrary to popular belief these diamonds are not treated in any way. The best color in fancy color diamonds is pink as they are more are than any other fancy […]

Jewelry Repairs

Jewelry Repairs             All consumers in the jewelry business eventually need a repair at least a couple times in the lifetime of their jewelry. Jewelry repairs have been a business of its own and have been quite profitable for those in it. Repairs can be from small things like fixing a loose stone to big […]