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Diamond Cut Grading

After a stone is cut and cleaned, you can evaluate its cut. GIA evaluates cut by estimating the points and sizes of the features of stone. These factors include the Depth, Table, Pavilion, Girdle, Culet, and Crown of the stone. Symmetry and polish can also contribute to the grades. These elements meet up to decide […]

why are beverly diamonds so cheap?

All About Spread Diamonds

Spread diamonds or spready diamonds are stones that were cut to look bigger than they really are while not being more costly than their standard-cut versions of similar carat size. Such diamonds are obtained by using a cut called “shallow cut”. Below is a discussion regarding spread diamonds that will help you understand the Beverly […]

Tips to Find the Best Diamond

There are varieties of diamonds available in the diamond market today. They are available in different designs, styles, and cuts from which you can choose the one of your interest. The choices and interests of different people will be different. However, there are certain important things which you must know about diamonds, which can help […]

The Truth About Reviews

The Truth About Reviews Everyone likes to check reviews about products or service before becoming a guinea pig to a company. Most companies also have a big enough profile for you to check their ratings and reviews online. For regular business like clothing, food, or cleaning a review can help with a buyer or customers […]

Preparing for Honeymoon

All the hard, extraneous, and stressful days for preparing the wedding are in the past. Now that the wedding day came and went, you can finally breathe and do something for yourself alone. You and your newly married spouse are heading for a vacation or preparing for honeymoon and not sure what you should do? […]