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by Elaine on Beverly Diamonds
Super Amazing Ring!

This ring exceeded our expectations. My fiancé bought it from Beverly Diamonds. In fact, he had designed it for me by their diamond ring designers. The process was seamless and their customer service is exceptional. We got to know how our ring was made thanks to their transparent communication policy. There was a 3D design and wax model before our final ring was made, and they kept us abreast of the process by sending us messages from time to time. After my lover proposed me, he revealed all the conversations he had with Beverly Diamonds, such knowledgeable team they have. I could not be more happier with the whole process.

by Barbara on Beverly Diamonds
Amazing Lab Diamond Ring

This is a special diamond ring for us as this was the one my husband used to propose to me. I would never forget the proposal moment. The shine of this diamond is so much that you could never turn a blind eye to it. This is a lab-made diamond. I am so glad that my hubby chose me this for me. Even Fortune Magazine once termed it better than a mined diamond. Anyhow, I am sure of the fact that it is as sparkly and stunning as my other natural diamond ring. This is my second purchase from Beverly Diamonds. This store is so amazing that we would love to return here another time.

by Tipene Darrow on Beverly Diamonds
Customized Rings

I sincerely did not have a clue what sort of wedding band I needed. In the wake of shopping at another diamond store in DC where I battled to discover something that worked for me, a companion guided us to visit Beverly Diamonds. Since Beverly Diamonds offers appointments, we got customized service and they were not forcefully trying to make a sale in any way. We worked with Josh and he was very patient and supportive. In 60 minutes, with just some incomplete direction that I provided, he helped us create a custom ring that I really loved. The pricing was likewise very affordable and we believed we got more for what we paid. We plan on coming back to purchase wedding rings.

by Issey Ekayaim on Beverly Diamonds
Replacement of diamond

One of my family rings had by one way or another became damaged. In fact, the stone dropped out of its setting. I took it to Beverly Diamonds and they investigated it-just so that I could discover that the stone had chipped. This was the reason it dropped out of its setting. Tom, one of the very friendly staff there, helped me a lot with the details of the ring and the possibilities. Eventually, they reset the ring and placed a different stone there. The outcome was, without a doubt, astonishing. It looks much better than it did before it was harmed. I cannot suggest the people at Beverly Diamonds enough. It will be helpful to everyone looking to buy a diamond.

by Lucy and James on Beverly Diamonds
An Unforgettable Anniversary Ring

I and my wife want to just say “Thank You”. Beverly Diamonds had the kind of ring we wanted for our anniversary. They did not have it in their collection, but had it custom-made for us. Call us superstitious or anything, but we wanted a ring with the same number of diamonds as our anniversary. It is amazing that Beverly Diamond designers could customize such a ring for us in such a quick time span. We will not forget what you have done for us in our lifetime. It means a lot to us than just a piece of jewelry, so thank you again.

by Avery on Beverly Diamonds
Great Return Policy

Beverly Diamonds is one of the best stores with a decent collection of rose gold pieces. The 30-day return erased my apprehensions of ordering jewelry online. The rose gold ring I initially ordered was stunning, but it did not quite fit on my finger. True to their word, I was able to send it back to them and get a brand new one again. This one fits perfectly. I recommend everyone to confirm their finger size before ordering a ring from Beverly Diamonds. It means a lot to me Beverly is a Los Angeles-based and family-owned jeweler. I am also from Los Angeles city. Thank you for your great customer service, the reasonable price and above all the quality product.

by Crystal Waston on Beverly Diamonds
Seeking Clients and serving their needs well

We looked from Los Angeles to New York for the ideal diamond engagement ring. Finally, my life partner got a call from Matt saying that he found the most wonderful stone on the planet. He said it had the precise edges, size, shading, and cut that I was looking for. He was correct. It shone like no other and was valued right, unlike many lower standard stones we had seen. What makes Beverly Diamonds unique is their method of dealing with others. They are patient, understanding, and caring. They listen to you carefully. We ended up structuring a ring together with the goal that I could have the ideal ring. It turned out to be much more than what I expected.

by Elizbeth Smith on Beverly Diamonds
Unique Customer Experience

Ariel is one of a kind client service agent. My life partner and I heard incredible things about him. Huge numbers of our companions have gone to him for their wedding bands and spoke so great about him. We found out for ourselves that, they were correct. He made ring shopping a stunning and simple experience. In addition to the fact that he got me the most wonderful diamond, he sat with us and showed us everything to search for in a jewel. He structured my ring the careful way I needed it and I could not be more joyful. He is also good at staying quiet. I had no clue that my life partner got the ring and Ariel stayed quiet. I certainly will recommend everybody to come to visit Beverly Diamonds.

by Beverley on Beverly Diamonds
A Great Ring for Beverley from Beverly Diamonds

It is a coincidence that my lover is named Beverley and I bought a diamond ring for her from Beverly Diamonds. Perhaps the mother of all coincidences? Maybe not quite, but surely a close enough. Joking apart, I have to say, she is very much in love with her diamond. We have seen many rave reviews of Beverly diamond jewelry online, but her expectation could not trump the stunning reality. This is a great option for use as an anniversary ring and an engagement ring. Our marriage is long over, so I bought it for her as an anniversary gift. Now, she is wearing it on her same engagement ring finger.

by Abraham on Beverly Diamonds
A Sparklier Stone than a Diamond at Cheaper Cost!

I wonder why this jeweler has named their company Beverly Diamonds, given the fact that they also have other gemstones. I went for a moissanite gemstone ring, after hearing how sparkly it is. Seeing the photos on Beverly Diamonds website itself got me excited, but seeing my purchased item is getting me even more excited about it. I do not know in which areas diamonds perform better than moissanite, but I am sure of the better sparkle it has. I did a side by side comparison with my nephew’s ring diamond and my moissanite. And, as the Beverly Diamond consultant told me, it does sparkle more in comparison.

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