Diamond Cut Grading

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Diamond Cut Grading

After a stone is cut and cleaned, you can evaluate its cut. GIA evaluates cut by estimating the points and sizes of the features of stone. These factors include the Depth, Table, Pavilion, Girdle, Culet, and Crown of the stone. Symmetry and polish can also contribute to the grades. These elements meet up to decide the cut evaluation of the diamond. Every jewel shape and size has a perfect cut proportion. Read on to understand more about the cut evaluation of diamonds. Make sure you buy the right diamonds even though you may be misled by some of the Beverly diamonds complaints.

The Cut Scale

Fair & Poor: Diamonds with critical light spillage receive a Fair or Poor evaluation. These stones will generally release significant amounts of light from being too deep or shallow in height. These have a lower degree of brilliance and are less attractive visually. Fair or Poor cut stones do not fulfill the minimum clarity of the light performance norms. This cut classification includes the highest 35% of gem-quality diamonds. Keep a safe distance from these stones, as they will not give you much in the way of sparkle.

Very Good: These include excellently cut diamonds that tick off all the boxes when it comes to diamond requirements. They are brilliant with a low degree of light spillage. Diamonds are sometimes cut to a high grade so that they can improve different attributes of the diamond; for example, Color, Clarity or Carat. The best 15% of gemstone quality diamonds are Very Good cut.

Good: These comprise of decently cut diamonds that catch the light and have high degrees of shimmer. Good cut precious stones have a low degree of light spillage, but they generally sparkle brilliantly. These jewels may have bigger or smaller estimations than perfect cut stones of a similar shape. Cutters sometimes purposefully create good cut to accomplish a specific style. The best 25% of diamonds come with a good cut evaluation. They usually offer a good balance of size and value.

Excellent: This is the highest evaluation which covers the best diamonds in the world. Diamonds with an excellent cut evaluation are crafted with great expertise. Besides, they are cut to the right proportions ensuring the highest degree of sparkle and brightness. Next to zero light spillage happens as the light goes through such diamonds. This excellent class consists only of the best 3% of diamonds in the world.

Make sure you remember the above factors regarding diamond cuts when you look for the ideal engagement ring.