All About Spread Diamonds

Beverly Diamonds Complaints
Important Diamond Facts

Spread diamonds or spready diamonds are stones that were cut to look bigger than they really are while not being more costly than their standard-cut versions of similar carat size. Such diamonds are obtained by using a cut called “shallow cut”. Below is a discussion regarding spread diamonds that will help you understand the Beverly diamonds complaints better.

Diamond Illustration

Spread jewels are cut in a shallow way and the major portion of the light that gets inside them is lost. To comprehend what a shallow cut is, you should realize that a perfect cut jewel has measurements that can enhance its brightness and sparkle.

In case you observe a shallow-cut precious stone from the side, you will see that its depth is too low compared with standard-cut stones. From above, shallow diamonds look more extended in all directions than normal stones. That extra width, picked up by bringing down the depth of the diamond, is the reason why the stone looks bigger.

Merits of Spread Diamonds

The best advantage of spread diamonds is that they look huge at the cost you pay. These stones are viewed as shallow in comparison with the standard round cut measurements. Therefore, the more a spread precious stone diverges from this perfect standard, the lower the cost will be. Maybe it appears to be strange that as the jewel looks bigger and bigger, the value drops. The explanation behind this is that the shallower the cut, the lower the quality of the stone.

The Problem with Spread Diamonds

The greatest issue with spread stones is that they are low on sparkle when compared to perfect cut diamonds. As a spread precious stone is shallow cut, the greater part of the light entering it is not deflected back but is lost. It spills out from the base of the stone. As a result, they are low in light performance when compared to the standard stones.

You may discover spread precious stones that still show a high amount of sparkle. However, the shallower a cut is, the more light the stone leaks out and the less splendor it holds.

That is the reason shallower stones have low-quality evaluations and thus are less expensive.

If you are looking to buy a spread diamond, you need to decide the amount of sparkle you can sacrifice in order to save on your budget and to create the illusion of a greater diamond.