Best Settings for Children’s Rings

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Children’s Ring Settings

The setting of a diamond ring is always a significant factor that should be considered while buying a diamond ring. The type of diamond setting used on a ring should be selected according to the person who is using the ring. If it is for a person who is actively involved in works with hands, there is a chance for the ring to get wear and tear easily. Therefore, the setting of such a ring should be one, which can resist the wear and tear to some extent. At Beverly diamonds, you can be assured of a good selection of diamond rings suitable for each personality.

While buying a diamond ring for a child, one should always remember to keep the lifestyle of the child in mind. If the child is too much into sports or other activities, the ring may be prone to damage easily. Therefore, a kid-friendly diamond setting is very necessary for the diamond rings meant for the children.

Here are some suggestions for kid-friendly settings for diamond rings.

Channel Setting

This is a complication-free diamond setting meant for kids. On the ring band, there will be a channel carved out, inside which the diamonds will be arranged together. This style can be found usually in the wedding bands and some fashion rings. This is also a wonderful choice for the kids. The advantage of the setting is that there are no prongs in this setting, which might be caught on clothes or hair. Moreover, the stone is set deep in the carving, and hence, it will not snag anywhere. A channel set jewelry piece can be a piece of special jewelry the parents can gift their child.

Bezel Setting

The practicality of this setting makes it the kind of diamond setting, which is suitable for different age groups. There is a thin metal rim to hold the diamond in its position. This is an advantage, and it nullifies any chance for the diamond to fall out while the children are playing. A bezel-set ring is of timeless appeal, and hence it will not go out of style so soon. The absence of sharp prongs in this setting makes it more advantageous.

Flush Setting

In this setting, the diamonds are set in holes drilled on the bands, and hence, one can have unique designs using this setting. It makes this setting more flexible than bezel or channel settings.

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