The Importance of Diamond Rings in Marriage

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Diamond rings are considered as an inevitable part of engagements and marriages in the present day. It is difficult to imagine an engagement or wedding ceremony that happens without a diamond ring. Although gradual changes are happening in the trends today, this continues to remain as an unspoken rule in the marriages.

One who looks back into the history of diamonds will understand the trend was not the same in the past.

The Ancient Diamonds

Today, there are many diamond sellers like Beverly diamonds, which sell quality diamonds of different styles. However, in ancient times, the scene was entirely different. Diamonds were very rarely found in those times, and hence, they were considered very valuable. The people believed it to be symbolic of clarity and strength, and hence, only the nobles and the priests used it ceremonially. Though there were diamonds and engagement rings in use, both of them were not used in a blended form. It was in 1477 that the first engagement ring embedded with a diamond was used.

The African Diamonds

During the time of African colonization, diamonds were discovered and eventually mined. Thus, people more commonly used diamonds. The DeBeers Company undertook the mining of diamonds in Africa, and it is from here that the history of diamonds changed. They made the slogan “Diamonds are forever,” which was taken literally by the people. By the end of the 1930s, people began to use diamonds to propose to their loved ones. However, diamond rings were still expensive and could be afforded only by the wealthy ones.

Even today, people believe diamonds are a valuable possession in their life. They choose to buy diamonds from trusted diamond sellers like Beverly diamonds because they are ensured of the authenticity and trustworthiness of the diamonds they buy. While there are so many imposters in the diamond market, the genuine ones do have an upper hand over the fake ones.

Diamonds that were once considered as the symbol of strength and clarity also became the symbol of loyalty and commitment between the husband and wife. Diamonds are now so deeply intertwined with marriage.

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