Top Expensive Diamonds in the World

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In the present jewelry industry, diamonds are the gemstones, which are desired by most of the people. The concept that diamonds are forever have taken hold of the minds of many people that they consider diamonds as a safe and secure mode of investment. There are diamonds of different sizes and styles available in the market today. You will be able to get a diamond of your dream from reputed diamond dealers like the Beverly diamonds. Such diamond dealers have earned the trust of people over the years, and it is evident from the positive reviews that the customers have given. You may check out the Beverly diamond reviews to know more about this.

While there are diamonds of various price ranges available in the market today, there are also certain diamonds, which are considered as the top expensive diamonds in the world and the history of diamonds. Here are some of such most expensive diamonds in the world.

The Cullinan Diamonds

There are nine Cullinan diamonds, and they are preserved in the royal collection of Britain. Among these the Cullinan I and Cullinan II diamonds are the biggest. The former one is adorning the scepter of the Sovereign, which is used in the Coronation ceremonies. It weighs around 530.2 carats. The latter diamond is found in the Crown and weighs around 317.4 carats. The Cullinan collection is worth billions.

Millennium Star

It is a colorless as well as an internally flawless diamond. The Millennium Star is pear-shaped and was cut from a stone, which weighed 777 carats. There are also two other stones cut from the original 777 weighing stone. The Millennium Star is considered to be worth $160 million.


It is an 800-year-old diamond, which is part of the royal crown of Britain. It is considered to be worth $1 billion. It came to the collection during the reign of Queen Victoria. This oval cut diamond weighs about 105.602 carats.

The Regent Diamond

This diamond can be found in the Louvre Museum in Paris. It was discovered in India, and in 1717, the French Regency Council bought it. King Louis XV and his successor King Louis XVI then used the stone. Finally, it was in the custody of Napoleon Bonaparte. It is worth $61 million.

There are many more costly diamonds like the Hope diamond, Noor-ol-Ain, Centenary diamond, etc. Each of them has a story behind them and are still considered treasures in the world of diamonds.