Beverly Diamonds Reviews

engagement ringMany companies in the e-commerce jewelry segment offer ethical diamond jewelry pieces. By ethical, we refer to conflict-free diamonds. Do you know what the term “conflict-free” means, and why jewelry shoppers are conscious about buying these? Keep reading to know more about these diamonds from this Beverly Diamonds reviews site.

What Are Conflict Free Diamonds?

Also known as blood diamonds, conflict diamonds are those originating in conflict-ridden places and are illicitly traded. Conflict free diamonds refers to those mined and shipped with no connection to any terror or rebel groups. There are procedures and agreements in place, such as the Kimberley Process, to ensure that diamonds are being mined and shipped as per certain ethical standards. Diamonds that follow these practices are known as conflict-free diamonds. As the name implies, these diamonds are free of any practices that conflict with stringent procedures and deals.

Why Do Customers Look For Conflict-Free Diamonds?

Depending on how and where a diamond is mined, there are various social, human and environmental issues at play. Several consumers are aware of these matters and therefore seek conflict-free diamonds. Thankfully, there are many reputed vendors such as Beverly Diamonds that offer ethical diamond jewelry.

Beverly Diamonds is also a company that has set benchmarks in many aspects, including the trade of conflict-free diamonds. This is an ethical practice, which top jewelers such as Beverly takes pride in following. That is one of the reasons why many consumers write positive Beverly Diamonds reviews online.

Many Beverly Diamonds reviews are positive, also in part because the jeweler offers high-quality products and abide by the Kimberley Process. This means that no diamonds they sell to customers are sourced from areas of armed conflict.

Most diamond ring buyers need to be assured that what they are buying is a genuine product. Besides, there are those who also want their diamond jewelry to be ethical.

For Jewelers, “Conflict Free” Means Ethical Diamonds

By selecting a conflict-free diamond engagement ring, you are endorsing ethical practices in the diamond mining industry. Most jewelry retailers offer jewelry pieces with conflict-free diamonds because selling and trading blood diamonds are illegal in many nations. Certain jewelers, such as Beverly Diamonds, take their effort further to make sure that diamonds are sourced and shipped ethically.

For instance, one of the policies they have adopted to ensure this is not purchasing diamonds from unknown suppliers, or those originating in nations where the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme remains unimplemented. They only buy diamonds through suppliers, who proudly follow and enforce the standards set by the Kimberley Process and maintains a no-tolerance policy to conflict diamonds.

By buying from a vendor known for trading conflict-free diamond jewelry, you can get peace of mind in knowing that your product is ethically sourced.

So Are There no Other Conflict-Free Diamonds Besides Ethically-Sourced Ones?

As a matter of fact, there are. When searching for non-conflict diamond jewelry, some consider pieces set with lab-made diamonds. Also known as man-made diamonds, these are nothing but

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diamonds grown in laboratory conditions that mimic those in which diamonds form naturally. As the manufacturing process involves way less labor and no mining, the output is indeed conflict-free.

The good thing with lab-grown diamonds is that these are not just conflict-free, but are also way cheaper than their natural counterparts. You can get lab-made diamond jewelry at a fraction of the price of a natural diamond piece. What’s more, the lab-made stone has similar physical, chemical and optical qualities to the natural one. Beverly Diamonds has a nice collection of lab-made diamond jewelry too, in addition to pieces set with the natural stones.