Tips in Buying a Perfect Diamond Ring

Diamonds are precious stones that are often used to make stunning jewelry. If your level of finance is strong enough and you want to buy diamond jewelry you need to refer to the experience below to avoid the case of using real money to buy virtual goods.

Diamond ring on hand

  1. Choose a good jewelry brand

This is an important and prerequisite for you to buy real diamonds. Choose big brands who have been affirmed prestige in the market as a reference.

When you choose to buy your affordable engagement ring, you need to see carefully where the jewelry supply is accompanied by full product certification papers, warranty … or not. If you have a check, see if they are accredited by a reputable organization. Note, however, that only diamonds with a 3.5 mm diameter diamond will be accompanied by a certificate. The smaller diamonds are not.

  1. What factors are involved in the verification paper?

There are a lot of limits in the diamond checklist. Here are the parameters that you need most:

– Weight (Carat Weight): The unit for measuring the weight of diamonds is carat, they are denoted “ct”. If you only care about size and less attention to the weight of diamonds should change. The two factors of weight and size are always together and are proportional.

– Color: It is true that diamonds come in a variety of colors, from white, yellow, blue, … But diamonds that are white, reflect good light will be hit. Higher price.

Clarity: Even rough diamonds also own a “heavenly” price, but they are only 40% of the price of diamonds have been processed, honed. When making the process, it is inevitable that errors and small dirt, bubbles, or scratches will inevitably be avoided.

  1. Test the diamonds for a peace of mind

The Certificate is just one of the factors you need to consider buying diamond jewelry only. You need to test the real diamond through the test pen. When trying to see all the lines that clearly show the diamond signal of how many glasses it is true and old enough.

If the diamond is not attached to the jewelry, you will have a more authentic way to decide if the diamonds is fake or not. Put diamonds in clear water and see. The diamond is radiant, it is natural diamond, and if they fade away, it means artificial diamond. Or you can place the diamond on a piece of white paper that has three bars of blue, red, yellow. If the diamond you are testing is genuine, the color lines will certainly blur. Artificial diamonds will not change the color and sharpness of these lines.